Туристическая фирма "Вернисаж" Тамбов.


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Чтобы избежать неприятных ситуаций при выезде за пределы Российской Федерации, предлагаем воспользоваться сервисом по проверке имеющихся задолжностей и возможности их оплаты:


Страна: RUSSIA


Продолжительность: 4 days/3 nights

Даты заездов: agreement

Проживание: «Teatralnaya» or «Derzhavinskaya»

Стоимость: at 14 800 RUB руб

Route Tambov - Rada - Morshansk

Arrival in Moscow (or St. Petersburg) 
Optional - organized excursion to Moscow (or St. Petersburg) and transfer to the railway station. It is available a shuttle bus from Moscow to Tambov (440 km).
Day 1. Tambov
Arrival in Tambov, meeting with the guide next to the railway carriage
Breakfast in a cafe in Tambov
Sightseeing bus and walking tour
Cathedral Square. The Transfiguration Cathedral with a majestic multi-tiered bell tower
Kazan Theotokos monastery. Kazan church. The bell tower of Kazan Theotokos monastery — the tallest in the Central Federal District and the second tallest in Russia
Internatsionalnaya St (ex Dvoryanskaya). The Monument to the composers Agapkin and Shatrov — authors of “On the Hills of Manchuria” waltz and the legendary “The Slavic Woman’s Farewell“ march.
Tambov Arbat. The monument to Tambov treasurer’s wife.
Sovetskaya St — the central street of the city.
Naberezhnaya St — the most beautiful place of the city. The monument to the Tambov Man. The monument to St. Peter and Fevronia, the patrons of family happiness, love and loyalty.
The Cathedral of the Intercession. The monument to Archbishop Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky).
The Roman catholic church, built in neo-Gothic style, external inspection.

Lunch in a cafe in Tambov

Check into a hotel
Free time. It is possible to have a dinner at the hotel for an additional fee

Breakfast in the hotel
Transfer to Rada (20 km)

During World War II, in the vicinity of Tambov, near the Rada station, the NKVD camp N 188 for prisoners of war was organized. According to rough estimates, about 80,000 people are buried on the territory (of which about 10,000 are French from Alsace and Lorraine). The creation of an international cemetery for prisoners of war became possible thanks to the efforts of individual enthusiasts, government agencies, and public organizations.
On August 8, 1998, the International POW Memorial Cemetery was opened and consecrated in the area of ​​Rada station. The memorial complex of the cemetery - huge metal crosses combined into an ensemble with memorial plates. On the common plate is written: "In memory of the prisoners of war who died in the forest camp of the Rada."

Transfer to Tambov (20 km)
Lunch in a cafe in Tambov

Return to the hotel. Free time. It is possible to have a dinner at the hotel for an additional fee

Day 3. Tambov - Morshansk

Breakfast at the hotel
Transfer to the Morshansk (it is possible to visit the local history museum and temple)
Visit to the POW Camp No. 64 in the town of Morshansk on the Malaya Kashma River for prisoners of war and interned citizens (Germans, Japanese, etc.). Initially, due to the mild climate and fertility of the land, the camp was intended only for the highest ranks. There were high officers, chiefs and even the former director of the Dresdan Picture Gallery. But since 1946, ordinary Japanese were also brought here. The prisoners worked in peat extraction, felling wood. The highest Japanese officials who maintained order in the camp territory lived in abundance. There were even two captured generals among them.
Transfer to Tambov (86 km)

Lunch in a cafe in Tambov

Return to the hotel. Free time. It is possible to have a dinner at the hotel for an additional fee 

Day 4.  Tambov
Breakfast in the hotel. Free time. 
13:00  Check out of the hotel. Boarding the bus with baggage. Dinner in a cafe.          
Visit to the Historical and Cultural Museum Complex “The Aseyevs’ Estate” (branch of the Peterhof Museum).
A walk in the park. Excursion in the museum.
M.V. Aseyev’s house (Museum Complex “The Aseyevs’ Estate”) was designed by Moscow architect Lev Kekushev in 1905. Built in Art Nouveau style with its original facades and exclusive decorative touches the house strikes by its unique beauty and refined details. After the revolution, the mansion miraculously survived. On the territory of the estate there is a wonderful park with firs, maples, elms, lindens, birches but most importantly oaks. Just in front of the main entrance a visitor’s attention is riveted by the multiphase fountain with dynamic lighting. The marble copy of Venus de Medici statue overlooks the whole fountain area.

Transfer to the Tambov railway station
Departure to Moscow (or St. Petersburg)
Arrival in Moscow (or St. Petersburg)
Upon request - an excursion in Moscow (or St. Petersburg) and transfer to the airport.

Hotel in Tambov      16 pers.                     10 pers.                            6 pers. 
«Teatralnaya» or «Derzhavinskaya»       14 800 rub                   18 100    rub                 24 100 rub

Net cost, free escorts were not considered.

The price includes
·         accommodation in a hotel in Tambov, 3 nights
·         meals: 4 breakfasts, 4 standart lunches
 ·         sightseeing tour of Tambov
 ·            Visit and excursion to the Historical and Cultural Museum Complex “The Aseyevs’ Estate” (Tambov)
 ·          entrance fees to museums ·         transport service according to the excursion program of the tour
 ·         guide and translator services

Additionally paid:
• air/train travel
 • excursions in Moscow (or St. Petersburg)
 • additional dinner — 500 RUB

Мы будем рады всем!