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Чтобы избежать неприятных ситуаций при выезде за пределы Российской Федерации, предлагаем воспользоваться сервисом по проверке имеющихся задолжностей и возможности их оплаты:


Страна: RUSSIA

Город: Tambov - Michurinsk - Ivanovka - "The Russian village"

Продолжительность: 5 days/4 nights

Даты заездов: agreement

Проживание: «Galery» or «Teatralnaya», "The Russian village" tourist complex

Стоимость: at 14 000 RUB руб


Tambov - Michurinsk - Ivanovka - "The Russian village" tourist complex


Arrival in Moscow (or St. Petersburg)


Optional - organized excursion to Moscow (or St. Petersburg) and transfer to the railway station. It is available a shuttle bus from Moscow to Tambov (440 km).

Day 1. Tambov

Arrival in Tambov, meeting with the guide next to the railway carriage


Breakfast in a cafe in Tambov


Sightseeing bus and walking tour

Cathedral Square. The Transfiguration Cathedral with a majestic multi-tiered bell tower

Kazan Theotokos monastery. Kazan church. The bell tower of Kazan Theotokos monastery — the tallest in the Central Federal District and the second tallest in Russia

Internatsionalnaya St (ex Dvoryanskaya). The Monument to the composers Agapkin and Shatrov — authors of “On the Hills of Manchuria” waltz and the legendary “The Slavic Woman’s Farewell“ march.

Tambov Arbat. The monument to Tambov treasurer’s wife.

Sovetskaya St — the central street of the city.

Naberezhnaya St — the most beautiful place of the city. The monument to the Tambov Man. The monument to St. Peter and Fevronia, the patrons of family happiness, love and loyalty.

The Cathedral of the Intercession. The monument to Archbishop Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky).

The Roman catholic church, built in neo-Gothic style, external inspection.


Visit to the Historical and Cultural Museum Complex “The Aseyevs’ Estate” (branch of the Peterhof Museum).

A walk in the park. Excursion in the museum.

M.V. Aseyev’s house (Museum Complex “The Aseyevs’ Estate”) was designed by Moscow architect Lev Kekushev in 1905. Built in Art Nouveau style with its original facades and exclusive decorative touches the house strikes by its unique beauty and refined details. After the revolution, the mansion miraculously survived. On the territory of the estate there is a wonderful park with firs, maples, elms, lindens, birches but most importantly oaks. Just in front of the main entrance a visitor’s attention is riveted by the multiphase fountain with dynamic lighting. The marble copy of Venus de Medici statue overlooks the whole fountain area.


Lunch in a cafe in Tambov


Excursion to the House-museum of G.V. Chicherin

G. Chicherin is known as a famous Russian diplomat, historian, publicist, musician and music expert. The wooden one-storey building with an attic imitates the stone architecture of the first half of the 19th century is the place where Georgy Chicherin spent his childhood years. The museum displays a great variety of documents, manuscripts, books, household items and personal belongings of the Chicherins.

Check into a hotel


Free time. It is possible to have a dinner at the hotel for an additional fee

Day 2. Michurinsk

Breakfast in the hotel


Transfer to Michurinsk (70 km)


Sightseeing bus tour of Michurinsk (in the past Kozlov)

The town receives its new name – “Michurinsk” – in 1932 in honor of biologist and breeder Ivan Michurin who made the town famous all over the world. Continuing what Michurin started, the town keeps developing, testing and producing medical and dietary organic food. Michurinsk is known for its apples.

Visit the grave of Michurin. The burial place has a portal in the shape of colonnade made of gray granite and including two pillars placed on the granite platform. The grave is in the center of the memorial. At the end of the gravestone there is a square stele made of pink polished labradorite on the granite base. The stele is crowned with Michurin bas-relief with the engraved words saying: “We cannot wait for favors from nature, it is our task to take them from her”.

The Red Square of Kozlov, in the center of which is the Bogolyubsky Cathedral (XIX century). The cathedral was built according to the project of a famous architect, K.A. Thon, and is an architectural analog of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

The architecture of the town center allows to plunge into the life of a prosperous county merchant town of the XIX century.

Church of St. Elijah is Michurinsk architectural dominant located on the highest place in town and perfectly-visible from everywhere. The church was built in 1781. Its spire resembles the Peter and Paul Cathedral of St. Petersburg.


Visit the memorial House-museum I.V. Michurin

Ivan Michurin lived in this house from 1900 to 1935. The scientist designed his own house all by himself. There are only four rooms on the dwelling floor – two of them are bedrooms. All the things in the house are authentic including the tools and devices handmade by Michurin, his notes and simple household objects. There are several clocks in the house. Today all the clocks in the house indicate the same time – nine thirty. The date on the wall calendar hasn’t changed for many years – June, 7, 1935, the date and time of the researcher’s death.


Lunch in a cafe in Michurinsk


Visiting The memorial museum of Alexander Gerasimov, the People’s artist of the USSR

Alexander Gerasimov Estate Museum is located in a two-storey brick house built in 1886 by the artist’s father. There Alexander Gerasimov spent his childhood as well as the period of 1918-1925. The objects in the museum are all authentic. The pearl of the museum is an exposition hall where one can enjoy the largest collection of the artist’s works in Russia.


Transfer to Tambov (70 km)

Return to the hotel. Free time. It is possible to have a dinner at the hotel for an additional fee

Day 3. Tambov - Ivanovka

Breakfast at the hotel


Check out of the hotel. Boarding the bus with baggage


Transfer to the Museum-Reserve S. V. Rakhmaninov “Ivanovka”(140 km)


Tour of the estate.

In Ivanovka Rakhmaninov relieved stress caused by the life in the capital. The rural life made him open. Almost all Rakhmaninov’s works composed during his last 17 years in Russia were filled with Ivanovka atmosphere. The estate includes the Rakhmaninov House Museum, a restored park decorated with various flower beds, a cascade of ponds, a historical summer stage, and a residential outbuilding. The estate has an extraordinary aura — everything here breathes music and inspiration.


Classical music concert


Tea and lunch at the estate


Transfer to "The Russian village" tourist complex (73 km)


Check into a hotel


Dinner in a cafe


Free time

Day 4. "The Russian village" tourist complex

Breakfast at the hotel







Day 5. "The Russian village" tourist complex


Breakfast at the hotel






Transfer to the Tambov railway station (120 km)


Departure to Moscow (or St. Petersburg)



Arrival in Moscow (or St. Petersburg)

Upon request - an excursion in Moscow (or St. Petersburg) and transfer to the airport.

Hotel in Tambov

        35 pers. / RUB

                  25 pers. / RUB

                    15 pers. / RUB

«Galery» or «Teatralnaya»

      14 000

                   15 500

                    17 000

Net cost, free escorts were not considered.

The price includes

·         accommodation in a hotel in Tambov, 2 nights

·         accommodation in the tourist complex "The Russian Village", 2 nights

·         meals: 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 2 dinners, 1 tea party

·         sightseeing tour of Tambov, a sightseeing tour of Michurinsk


·            Visit and excursion to the Historical and Cultural Museum Complex “The Aseyevs’ Estate” (Tambov)

·            Visit and excursion to the House-museum of G.V. Chicherin (Tambov)

·            Visit and excursion to the Museum-Reserve of the composer and musician S.V. Rakhmaninov, concert, tea party (Ivanovka)

·            Visit and excursion Museum-estate of the artist A. M. Gerasimov (Michurinsk)

·            Visit and excursion to the House-museum of I.V.Michurin (Michurinsk)

·          entrance fees to museums

·         transport service according to the excursion program of the tour 2 days

·         guide and translator services


Additionally paid:

• air/train travel

• excursions in Moscow (or St. Petersburg)

• additional dinner — 500 RUB

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